Chicago (the band) endorses Provider Series PS-IMK Instrument Mic

Chicago (the band) logoChicago Now endorses and performs with the new Provider Series PS-IMK Instrument Mic Kit. Chicago has been consistently one of the top horn bands of all time—inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—and now they only perform with the PS-IMK on their horns. Chicago will be using the Provider Series Instrument Mic Kit PS-IMK to mic the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn, and some percussion on stage during their live tour. Provider Series New Instrument Mic Kit (PS-IMK) provides everything you need to perfectly mic just about every acoustic instrument.

  • Saxophone Mic
  • Flute Mic
  • Clarinet Mic
  • Horn Instruments Mic
  • Trumpet Mic
  • Trombone Mic
  • Piano Mic
  • Cello Mic
  • Bass Mic
  • Mandolin Mic
  • Ukulele Mic
  • Viola Mic
  • Slim Bodied Instruments Mic
  • Percussion Mic
  • Many, many more.