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Hello, We’re Provider Series!

Let us make you
sound like a pro!

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Head worn and earset microphones for stage and theater applications

PS-IMK Instrument Mic Kit

Instrument Microphone Kit
(hard-wired or wireless)

PSE9 Single Ear Microphone

Single Ear Microphone
(mold to fit any user)

Microphone HeadClip

Convert any Laviliere to a Headworn Microphone

Chicago (the band) logo
PS-IMK Instrument Microphone Kit

The official microphone used by the band Chicago!

PSE9 Single Earset Microphone

Low-profile, single-ear headworn microphone with replaceable cables.

HeadClip with mic

Instantly turns any Lavalier microphone into a headworn microphone.


Provider Series is a leading manufacturer of head worn and earset microphones.

We offer a growing selection of dual ear head worn microphones, single earset microphones, and unique products for other branded microphones. We offer connections for Shure beltpacks, Audio Technica beltpacks and Sennheiser beltpacks.

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