Dual Ear Headworn Microphone Kit for Theaters

PSM3 Dual Ear Headworn Mic

Provider Series PSM4-TH-KT Heavy Duty microphone is geared for vocal and speech applications that requires durability and crisp sound in a small and light weight unit. The PSM4-TH-KT is the ideal choice for theaters and performing arts centers because it includes 3 replaceable cables.

The PSM4-TH-KT  is a fixed frame headworn mic with a flexible boom mic that is still comfortable to wear and will fit most people. Included with the PSM4-TH-KT is 10 Heavy Duty 2mm detachable cables, windscreen and tie-clip. The PSM-TH-KT is available today in Tan or Black. The PSM-TH-KT is configured for Audio-Technica, Shure and Sennheiser.