New Provider Series E-Cables

Provider Series now manufacturers a generic replacement cable with snap on connector for Countryman E6 and E6i earset microphones.  The new E-CABLES are available in tan or black.  We offer standard 1.4mm Kevlar reinforced cables..  All of the cables are available for Shure (TA4F), Sennheiser (3.5mm locking plug), and Audio Technica (Hirose 4 pin). The new E-Cables will be available for shipment beginning December 1, 2017. visit Provider Series E-Cables for more information

New PSL7 and PSM3

The new PSL7 and PSM3 microphones are Heavy Duty microphones designed for demanding applications


Provider Series is pleased to offer 2 great new products for 2016.  PSM3 Headworn Microphone, and PSL7 Heavy Duty Lavaliere.