New Provider Series Complete Voice Amplification System for Classrooms – PS-CVA

Provider Series has introduced a new Complete Voice Amplification system for classrooms.  The new PS-CVA features an exclusive wireless microphone that can be worn as a pendant style microphone, used aS a handheld microphone, or head worn microphone using the includes headset.  The small microphone operates on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that operated approx 9 hours on a full charge.    The microphone communicates to the master powered speaker with built in receiver.  The speaker features 4 inputs, plus the input for the wireless receiver, and also has a multi-channel mixer to set the perfect volume and mix for the classroom.  The master speaker also features a amplifier output to power the additional slave speaker (included).


The system included 2 hanging brackets for easily mounting the speakers on the wall, microphone, microphone headset, charger, and many other accessories.  The system operates on 5.8gHz.

MSRP $1299.00

cva4   cva1   cva3